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Dalat – Romantic land of Vietnam

Everything in Dalat is beautiful! The romantic land will win your heart with peaceful valleys, mysterious mountains and hundreds kinds of colourful flowers. Not only are the lanscapes peaceful but the local people are also rustic, this city is really a land in dream.

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The City of thousands of flowers

Dalat is known as a flower city of Vietnam with numerous kinds of flower. Throughout the year, this place is always covered with colorful flowers. The flower fields stretching to the horizon is a romantic dating place for sweet couples, a peaceful place for you to feel an endless flower paradise. Especially, if you visit Dalat in November, do not forget to take a look of pink grass hill, you would see a soft rug of pink grass under the sunset, a unique sight that nowhere has.

Dalat has 2 famous hills of pink grass, one near the Golden Valley and one near the lonely pine tree.

Da Lat railway station- The oldest one in Indochina

Da Lat railway station is the train station of Da Lat city, considered as the oldest station in Vietnam and Indochina.

The station was built by the French from 1932 to 1938, having a unique architecture:  three roofs are in pyramid shape that were stylized of Langbiang Mountain or Central Highland communal house. Da Lat station is no longer used for transportation but is a  famous tourist terminal. The only railway line left is Da Lat - Trai Mat route with a length of 7 km, taking tourists to Linh Phuoc Pagoda and Trai Mat. Despite running quite slowly and making noise, it is a fascinating place for visitors. You will feel old moments of the years of 70s and 80s when you on the train departing from Da Lat railway station.

The French village –  authentic French style in Da Lat

Da Lat is often considered as an "Architecture Museum of France" with more than 1,300 architectural works, ancient villas built by French. Besides the famous works such as Con Ga Church, Dalat Railway Station or Da Lat College of Pedagogy, the ancient villas on Le Lai is also a destination that you can not ignore. Nowadays, it is restored and renovated to retain nearly intact architecture of each region of France, which the original owners of the villa created. As a result, visitors coming here feellike they are in an authentic French style house. Each villa has its own name, such as: Indochina Trade villa, villa of travelers, archaeologists, painters, cultivators, Car club...

Of the existing villas, the number 26 is the most special because the owner carved the word "PAX" into the wall and still exists. In Latin and Christian terms, "PAX" means peace, so this villa is also called "Peace House". The owner of this house also produced and sold the cottage cheese to the households in the village and surrounding areas at that time.

Three most famous dishes of Dalat cuisine

Vietnamese meatballs (Bánh mì xíu mại): The simple dish consists of a small bowl of traditional soup and bread. Slowly bring the slice of bread to your mouth and you will feel the soft, rich taste of the meat.

Wet cake with intestine of chicken (Bánh ướt lòng gà): When you enjoy it, you will feel the aromatic flavor of wet cake, sweet from pork, chicken blending well with the moderate taste of fish sauce, a bit of hot peppers and aromatic aromas of herbs.

Can cake (Bánh Căn): The fun of enjoying this dish is choosing a seat near the furnace. Cake is skillfully processed with many different types of shrimp, meat, eggs. When it's done, the cake is yellow, aromatic and very crispy. It tastes so delicious but especially great if you eat with traditional soup.