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What food you should try in Ha Long

Ha Long Bay, Quang Ninh, Vietnam is no longer a strange name to the travelling lovers. We all know about Halong accompanied with the natural beauty and delicious food. There are 3 best foods that you should try once in a life time in Halong


Halong squid sausage is well-known not only in all three parts inside Vietnam country but also for international tourists. True to its name, the main ingredient is squid. However, it is said that no kind of squid can make the squid sausage as wonderful as Halong Bay’s squid. Specially, it must be fresh squid that is newly caught. Andthe sweet fatty squish sausage will marry with savory sauce to tease your taste buds.

 Halong Bay - Welcome Vietnam Tours


The additional well-known seafood in Halong is oyster. Oyster is a nutrition-rich food and provides a plethora of energy for your body. Inside its hard-shell is blood-like red bowel, which carry the most delicious and nutritious part of an oyster. You guys can enjoy it immediately with beer, for example, to get its finest flavor.

 Halong Bay - Welcome Vietnam Tours


Besides squids, Halong has a less expensive food but sharing the same appetizing taste: Sea Snail. Sea snails vary widely in breed and cooking process; and fried sea snails with chili sauce seems to be the most common. The most interesting thing is that this dish’s cooking process does not involve any oil and water which is really healthy.

 Halong Bay - Welcome Vietnam Tours


Wine is made from special glutinous rice of the locality. Undamaged glutinous rice seeds, after cooking through, are kept to ferment then soaked with yeast leaves taken from Hoanh Bo forest until they turn into wine. The wine is filtered out and put in jars or bottles to store for a long time, and drink a little one every meal. Hoang Bo soaked rice wine tastes sour and sweet, that can stimulate digestion, used to drink very well, especially in summer. You can’t get drunk unless you drink too much. Even you get drunk, you will not have a headache and still feel fine to continue working. Therefore, Hoanh Bo soaked rice wine is an interesting drink for you while sailing on boat and contemplating Halong Bay landscape.


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