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Vung Tau City

Vung Tau is one of the city's famous tourist resort in Southern of Vietnam, is formed from hundreds of years, located in Vung Tau Peninsula, an area of 110km2, approximately 125km from Ho Chi Minh City. Vung Tau with three sides on beach with a 20km sea coast in many different looks.


Vung Tau - Viet Nam

Go to Vung Tau, visitors will set foot on the cool smooth sands, will enjoy the warm breezes and hear the waves about ravenous soul in her sea. Thuy Van beach gently with the body leaning coconut balls, Ocean beach is a small bay waves inclined to coddle. Over there, Vong Nguyet beach is full of personality with big waves sulking hundred years. If you want to find the stillness, the Dau beach welcomes you in all the same nostalgia.

Vung Tau is a major center of tourism destinations in Vietnam. The harmonious combination between natural populations of sea, mountain and urban architecture and cultural works such as monuments, temples, churches ... created for the advantage of Vung Tau city as beautiful sea and charm.


Vung Tau - Viet Nam

If you are interested in rock climbing, you can climb Small Mountain (Tao Phung). It has a 32 meter high statue of Jesus, arms outstretched toward the Pacific, 176M higher than sea level. 18.4 m long arms as welcome visitors to the crowded beaches of this resort. From the foot of the mountain to reach the Lord you have to climb about 800 stairs. This is an architectural work of art in the most famous in Vung Tau and is one of the world's largest Jesus statue (other statue in Brazil).


Vung Tau - Viet Nam

You can also visit the White Palace on Big Mountain. This is considered ancient artillery Vung Tau. This villa is built solidly, French architecture, luxurious white exterior so-called Bach Dinh, 28m long, 19m high three-storey, 15m wide campus located on six hectares. From a military base (Fort position) is building this wonderful resort, Bach Dinh four seasons immersed in the beautiful sunshine and sea breeze, the fragrance steeped in the lush green trees and Lagerstroemia purple.


Vung Tau - Viet Nam

If you want to find the solitary place in this bustling city, visiting to the Buddha’s altar on Tran Phu street. At this point you'll feel calm and seemed surprised by the magic of this paradise place.

Today, Vung Tau has brought in a new face for his many works of modern urban architecture, stature. But go to anywhere you can hear the salty taste of the sea. If there is still more power in jaunts, you come back with the sea.

Whenever still having the longer waves, and water, fine soft gentle golden sand, you will still found in Vung Tau with nostalgia talking. Outside, hundreds of thousands of waves crunch ...

If you travel to Vietnam, do not forget to explore Vung Tau beach. Wish you have a pleasant stay.



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