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Travelling Saigon - an exceptional experience

Saigon is a city, where everything seems to never stop but keeps changing constantly. Streetlights are always shining and people come in all ways. But wherever one comes from, there is a common among the citizens of Saigon: direction toward the original point – the city at the age of 300. Have you ever been to Saigon? Let’s travel to Saigon and enjoy special experience! 

Street snacks

Saigon - Welcome Vietnam Tours

Like Hanoi, Saigon is a heaven of snacks with various kinds of food, tastes and prices. Particularly, snacks in Saigon always satisfy customers, even one fastidious. Mixed pancake, ice soymilk, grilled eggs, especially typical mixed dry pancake at 38 Nguyen Thuong Hien, District 3 that you definitely should try once in a lifetime… 

Enjoying sidewalk coffee in the early morning

Saigon - Welcome Vietnam Tours

People in Hanoi usually love walking around Sword Lake in the morning to get pleasure from fresh air, while in Saigon it’s much better for you to take some coffee cups and see everyone being in a bustle. It’s all the time the most interesting activity in the morning of Saigon to watch people in a hurry, listen to some good stories, read some newspapers and gossip with friends. 

Taking photos of “small alley, small town”

Saigon - Welcome Vietnam Tours

You can take photographs everywhere from famous destinations like the church of Notre Dame, Starlight Bridge, areas of District 7 to beautiful café such as Gac Hoa at 92 Pham Ngoc Thach, ID café at 34 Thu Khoa Huan and Catina café at 151 Dong Khoi… There are so many great places for you to discover as well as record precious moments of youth. 

Café “gossip”

Saigon - Welcome Vietnam Tours

If Hanoi is prevalent of “gossip lemon tea” then it’s very popular in Saigon to enjoy “gossip café”, particularly those are around the church of Notre Dame. Taking as many friends with you as you can, finding a seat and just starting gossips. It’s extremely amazing experience! 

Taking roam on the streets of Saigon

Saigon - Welcome Vietnam Tours

Roam on the streets is one of fascinating pleasures when you have a chance to have been Saigon. Not only having a chance to understand the lifestyle of citizens, discover new things, but you also can weave through the alleys to see different views of Saigon. Tran Hung Dao is a great street, where you can see old apartment blocks as well as rundown buildings as opposed to modern and elegant high ones. Alternatively, passing through Nguyen Trai Street at night, you will see the excitement on the sidewalk, in where many fashion items are sold and snack stalls together creating a vibrant rhythm of life. 

Shopping by… eyes only

Saigon - Welcome Vietnam Tours

It sounds humorous, isn’t it? Sometimes in order to make yourself happy, all you need is just wearing pretty clothes, visiting luxurious shopping malls and take pleasure in window-shopping. It is not necessary to buy expensive items, just a sight until your eyes quenched was enough to make you happy then.

Saigon sometimes seems to be extravagant as you might think, but in fact, it can help your life more dreamy and full of pink. 

Shopping at local stores

Saigon - Welcome Vietnam Tours

Unlike Bangkok, Saigon is not a fashion paradise, but it is definitely the shopping one for backpackers as well as tourists.

The local food like G7 coffee is very well known, besides dried fruits such as dried mango, fried potato chips, dried jackfruit and dried lotus seeds… They are pretty fit to buy as gifts. In particular, you can freely negotiate until getting the price you want for clothes shopping in Saigon. 

Beauty care

Saigon - Welcome Vietnam Tours

As a woman, you absolutely love adorning yourself. And Ho Chi Minh City is probably the only city, where you can pay for manicure, pedicure and hair care services with a price of around USD30 (for instance at Angel’s Beauty Salon on Bui Vien street). It would be a pity if you miss these beauty services when visiting Ho Chi Minh City. 

Boat trip on Mekong River

Saigon - Welcome Vietnam Tours

Depending on the tour you join, you can visit the floating market, where locals buy and exchange their local products such as watermelons, bananas,… You also can directly experience in boating through canals nearby. Whatever kinds of tour you take, it would arrive to a restaurant where tour guides will introduce you the specialty of the Mekong Delta (namely Tai Tuong fish). The fish are very fresh, tasty and cheap.


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