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Reaching to Lan Chau - The most beatiful island in Cua Lo

Cua Lo – Nghe An has been a familiar name to nature lovers, especially those who immerse in white sand and clear blue water beaches. Arriving Cua Lo in a light windy day to enjoy the beauty there is the most relaxing joy. Many tourists had come to Cua Lo and were keen on the beauty of Lan Chau – the small island which renowned the most beautiful one in Cua Lo. Exploring this place perhaps we will see a totally different Cua Lo.

Cua Lo - Welcome Vietnam Tours

Lan Chau Island situated close to Cua Lo beach looks like a giant frog stretching out toward the sea. That is to say the island is also called Rú Cóc Island. Although this name seems partly more simple and elegant as local people named it, it shows the love and the intimacy of those people there to this place.

Lan Chau Island separates Cua Lo into two different areas that we can easily see by the time the tide rises. At that moment, the East is full of long stretching cliff with various shapes while on the West it is linked to land as a whole.

Since the formation of this beautiful and unique structure, Bao Dai King had given an order to build a tower which let people have a view of the whole scenery of Cua Lo, CUa Hoi, Hon Ngu. Standing on the top of that tower gives tourists a bird’s view of spacious ocean and enjoy the atmosphere.

Lan Chau beautifies for the land and satisfies the tourists’ eyes.

In Lan Chau, there is a moderate lighthouse which is not as gorgeous as other big lighthouses in Vietnam. However, it stands still through years, and would be the greatest navigator for all ships and boats. Whenever see the lighthouse, fisherman know that they are about to come home soon.

Lan Chau is still primitive but overwhelms with love of local people. Tourists coming to Lan Chau turn their soul into one with Lan Chau, keep their mind relaxing without concerning.

The more you travel, the more beautiful Vietnam is. Though Lan Chau is a small tiny island in Central area, it’s still an essential part of the whole country. Needless to say, Lan Chau will bring you the most interesting experiences that you have in your life time.

Cua Lo - Welcome Vietnam Tours


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