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Phu Quoc - Leading on top ten attractive Asian beadches

Phu Quoc Island with white sand and clear blue water is rated number 1 on the top ten ideal Asian beaches for holiday. Mui Ne beach also ranks 4th on the list.

This list is based on Asiaone tourism site.

Bad weather can put a damper on any holiday, but when you have a beach getaway all planned out, it can leave you down in the dumps.

The end-of-year period of November-January is a popular time for travel, but it also coincides with the wet monsoon season in a number of South Asian countries.

Does this mean all of you beach-loving people have to bid farewell to days of fun in the sun, sand and sea?

Certainly not! Here are some weather-friendly beach holiday options around the region, where Mother Nature is unlikely to (literally) rain on your parade.


The largest island in Vietnam, Phu Quoc is located south of the Cambodian coast. With the recent introduction of direct flights from Singapore, Phu Quoc might just be the up-and-coming beach destination.

If strolling along the scenic coastline doesn't do the trick, you could try snorkelling or diving in the clear waters to enjoy the colourful array of corals and tropical fish.

For a brief respite from the warm sun, explore the diverse flora and fauna of Phu Quoc by trekking through the lush greenery that is the National Park, perhaps even stumbling upon a magnificent waterfall or two along the way.

The Phu Quoc dog may not be your typical tourist attraction, but spotting this rare breed, only one of three with a ridge of hair running along its back in the opposite direction, would be a delight for dog- or animal-lovers. 

For the history buffs, there are landmark sites to visit as well. Be sure to stop by the Nha Lao Cay Dua Prison or the Dinh Cau Rock (Cua Temple), a fusion of Buddhist temple and lighthouse, which is also a prime spot for avid sunset-chasers.

After sundown, the Dinh Cau night market is the place to be. With more than 100 stalls selling local culinary specialties and handicraft, there is no better way to round up your trip to the amazing Phu Quoc.

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A trip to Koh Rong Island 25 kilometres off the coast of Sihanoukville, Cambodia, would make the ideal escapade to unplug and unwind.

This secluded paradise has remained relatively undeveloped (and hence, affordable) thus far, but it's only a matter of time before five-star resorts start sprouting, attracting throngs of tourists to the island. There is certainly no better time than now to visit Koh Rong in all its beautiful, unspoilt glory.

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Mention Krabi and images of crystal blue waters and spectacular limestone cliffs immediately come to mind. A mere 1.5 hours flight away, this coastal town on the southern end of Thailand has made a name for itself as the ultimate tropical beach paradise.

With 154 islands to choose from, there is no shortage of beaches to explore - each as breath-taking as the next. Complete your island-hopping adventure with some snorkelling, and explore secret lagoons on your boat tour, where you can bask in tranquillity away from the hustle and bustle of this tourist hotspot.

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The coastal resort town of Mũi Ne sits in the Southeast region of Vietnam. Touted as one of the sunniest and friendliest places in Vietnam, it's time to add Mũi Ne to your list of favourite sun and sand destinations.

No island holiday is complete without some fun in the sand. In Mũi Ne, beaches are not the only place where you can frolic merrily on soft sands.

Have fun sand-sledding in the Red and White Dunes, which also make the perfect backdrop for ethereal shots that will have your friends thinking you paid a visit to the Sahara Desert.

Along the way, stop by the Fairy Stream, where other-worldly landscapes of limestone walls and rock formations await.

Strong sea breezes make kite-boarding and windsurfing popular activities on the beaches of Mũi Ne. If you're up for a little workout, explore Takou Nature Reserve an hour's drive away, and hike up the mountain to reach the beautiful pagoda at the top, where you can also find Vietnam's largest reclining Buddha statue.

For a touch of history and culture, head to the Po Shanu Towers. These ancient stone structures dating back to the 8th century are remnants of the mighty Cham Empire that once ruled over Vietnam. A sweeping view of the surrounding area is a definite plus.

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A small island roughly the size of tiny red dot Singapore, Langkawi is tucked in the far north-western corner of Peninsula Malaysia.

Legend has it that the name 'Langkawi' is a combination of 'helang', the Malay word for eagle, and 'kawi', the Sanskrit word for marble - both of which are in abundance around the island.

The island is littered with beautiful beaches, but the Tengkorak and Tanjung Rhu beaches deserve special mention. The former is a relatively quiet and secluded gem with untouched rock formations waiting to be explored; the latter houses high-end resorts if you're in the mood to splurge a little on some well-deserved pampering.

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Boracay is the ultimate place for relaxation; with stretches of pristine beaches accompanied by clear azure waters, it is not difficult to see why.

White Beach on the western side of the island is the perfect destination to achieve that elusive Zen state of mind. A calming massage and manicure by the sea while watching hues of colours paint the sky as the sun sets over the horizon - can it get any better than this?

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The Palawan province on the Western part of the Philippines comprises a total of 1,780 islands. If you are unable to spare enough time hopping between them all (it's okay, we understand), the main Palawan Island, with its diverse natural landscapes and cultural attractions, would suffice. Towards the end of the year, the monsoon season would have receded, and though light showers may still occur, it is certainly nothing that would dampen your spirits.

The wondrous beauty that is Palawan Island boasts not one but two UNESCO World Heritage Sites!

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Popularly known as the 4000 islands, the Si Phan Don archipelago is located in the Mekong River in Southern Laos.

On this small island, you might even get to wave hello to rare Irrawaddy dolphins. Tubing, where one cruises through the river on an inflatable tyre, is also increasingly becoming all the rage among backpackers here.

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This island nation may be a little further off the map compared to the aforementioned destinations, but there are countless reasons why it should definitely make the list. For a country made up of more water than land, it comes as no surprise that visitors flock to Maldives to uncover the trove of treasures hidden in the Indian Ocean.

No matter which island or beach you head to, snorkelling and diving are must-dos - with clear views of vibrant coral reefs, fishes, turtles and even the occasional reef shark, the experience is akin to visiting the world's largest aquarium.

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A 40-minute drive to the town of Thandwe brings you past scenic rubber plantations and paddy fields. The bustling markets, and pagodas towering over the river, make the trip worthwhile.

Ngapali is a small town on the remote West Coast of Myanmar. It houses the 3-kilometre stretch of the stunning Ngapali Beach, thought to rival other famous beach destinations in Southeast Asia

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