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Ninh Binh tourism

Ninh Binh province (Vietnam) has many potential for tourism. With the diversity and rich of landscape, it is attractive both Vietnamese and foreign tourist. Let’s explore some of most famous places in Ninh Binh.

1. Trang An Eco-tourism complex


Trang An - Welcome Vietnam Tours

Trang An Eco-Tourism Complex is about 7 kilometres from Ninh Binh city and 96 kilometres from Hanoi. This is one of best choice for relaxing with many natural caves, …

Trang An locates on Hoa Lu limestone block, separated by Lemon river on the East, Hoang Long river on the North, Ben Dang on the South West, some large field accretion by Day river and Van river on the South East. This advantageous location make Trang An as wonderful area with many nice landscapes, natural caves.

They don’t know exactly how many caves in Trang An Eco-Tourism complex. Untill now, people have counted that there are about 48 natural caves with 12226 meters lengthen. For example Dia Linh cave 1500 meters, Sinh Duoc cave 1300 meters, May cave 1200 meters. The system with many mountains, rivers, caves make Trang An to become one of the most famous place in Northern Delta, called “ Halong Bay land”.

2. Three Grottoes


Trang An - Welcome Vietnam Tours

Tam Coc is located 7 km south - west of Ninh Binh commune in Ninh Hai district of Hoa Lu Tam Coc means "three caves" referred to as Ca, Hai, and Ba. The best way to visit is to walk in sampan for 3 hours on the Ngo Dong river. Formerly, this area was covered by the sea has eroded over the centuries the limestone rock formations

3. Bich Dong Pagoda


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Bich Dong pagoda was built by the colective and missionary work 0f 2 Buddhist monks: Tri Kien and Tri The. All three pagoda of Bich Dong have wooden architecure due to architectural style of the time at the end of Le Dynasty and the beginning of Nguyen Dynasty. They were arranged according to ascending order on the position of Bich Dong mountain like a Chinese letter: " Tam ". Ha Pagoda ( Lower Pagoda ) is located at the foot of the mountain, Trung Pagoda ( Middle Pagoda) is on the mountainside and Thuong Pagoda ( Upper Pagoda ) is situated on the top of the mountain. All of pagodas' back lean againts the mountain

4. Bai Dinh pagoda


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Located in Gia Sinh commune, Gia Vien district, Bai Dinh is the biggest pagoda in Vietnam with an area of 700 hectares.
This pagoda has been granted with 12 national records by Vietnam Record Books, they are: largest bronze bell (36 tons); highest and heaviest gilded bronze statue of Buddha Sakyamuni (10m high, 100 tons); largest set of three gilded bronze statues of Buddha: The Past, the Present, the Future (9,57m high, 100 tons); largest pagoda well; largest bronze statue of Quan Yin Buddha… In addition, there are many other works which are also very mighty, meticulous and impressive such as Tam Quan (the Entrance) that is made of wood, 13m wide and 16.5m high; Bell-tower was built in octagonal architecture similar to a lotus flower (18 m high, 17m in diameter), containing a 36 tons bronze bell and a 72 tons bronze drum. In particular, Bai Dinh is one of several places in Vietnam where hosts 6 sarira pearls, precious treasures of Buddha.

5. Van Long natural reserve


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About 17km away from Ninh Binh to the Northwest. Van Long is the largest wetland Reserve covering an area of nearly 3000 hectares. Van Long is home to a rich fauna and flora, particularly, a habitat of the largest number of white-hipped langurs( Delacour's langur).....
Beside Van Long, Emeralda Resort was built. This is 5 star resort with 172 deluxe rooms, restaurant, spa, conference center, mini golf for visitors.

6. Phat Diem cathedral


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It lies 28 km East of Ninh Binh city, Phat Diem Stone Church was designed and constructed (1875 - 1899) by father Pedro Tran Luc. Phat Diem's architecture is a sucessful combination of oriental pagodas and Gothic Church, which comprises lake, atrium, cathedral, 4 chapels, stone church, man-made cave.... Remarkable, mother Maria's heart Church is called as Stone Church, because all its parts were made of stone: wall, beams, windowns, towers and columns, etc
The architectural ensemble of Phat Diem is a center of Catholicism's most original of Vietnam with a dozen works in stone and wood built in a style combining architecture bouddhisques pagodas and Catholic churches. It was cultural and historical monument by the Ministry of Culture of the Socialist Republic of Việt Nam (Decree No. 25 VH / QDJ of January 18, 1988)
It includes, besides the Cathedral itself, a pond, a bell tower (called "Phương Dinh" in Vietnamese), four side chapels, a stone church (Chapel immaculté heart of Mary), two caves or artificial rocks, two porches and an ordeal. It is built on a north-south orientation.

7. Cuc Phuong national park


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Cuc Phuong National Park was first established in Vietnam. Based on the unique value of geological history, landscape and scientific significance of the flora and fauna in Cuc Phuong, the Prime Minister has signed the Decision No 72/TTg on 07/07/1962 on building protection and Cuc Phuong forest management became the basis of scientific research on plants and tropical silviculture. On 8/1/1966 acording to Decision No 18/QDLN of Vietnam Administration of Forestry was officially established and construction management of Cuc Phuong National Park. The main tasks of the National Park are to manage and protect 25,000 hectares of forest, to conduct research, to serve tourist. In 1988, the Council of Ministers (now Prime Minister) has approved the Technical and Economic Feasibility for development of Cuc Phuong National Park with an area of 22,200 ha is adjusted. This is the first Technical and Economic Feasibility that demonstrated for a National Park in Vietnam, as a basis to guide afterward the construction and development of the park. Nearly 50 years, Cuc Phuong National Park is always completed the assignment task, including forest protection management task, forest protection team building, clean and strong, building infrastructure for the protection, scientific research and living service the Park’s staff. Cuc Phuong National Park has become attractive tourist destination for many objects; the number of visitors is growing more and more. With the achievements of the park’s construction and protection. In 2000, Cuc Phuong National Park has been the President awarded the Labor Hero Unit in the renovation period.


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