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Quang Binh Tourism: Explore Chay River – Nuoc Mooc stream

Posting date: 29-03-2017 - View: 2895


Travel to Quang Binh - the Central of Vietnam, you shouldn`t forget to visit the new destinations: Chay River and Nuoc Mooc stream. With enchanting jade green water and wild beauty scene of nature, this is definitely the place worth exploring your experience.

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Chay River

Located about 50km north-west from Dong Hoi city, Chay River is initiated from limestone area in Phong Nha - Ke Bang. As a tributary of Son River, Chay River also puts on it a gorgeous jade green like Son River. Come to Central Vietnam for Quang Binh tourism, you will see fertile fields, majestic limestone mountains interleaving dense rainforests with the existence of numerous wild species, creating a wild but wondeful scenery along both sides of the river.

Quang Binh Tourism - Welcome Vietnam Tours

Going along Chay River about 5km, you will see Dark Cave. Here you can participate in the challenge of conquering Dark cave with unforgettable experiences. Otherwise, you can choose other adventure games in Chay River: playing  zipline, falling yourself into cool water, taking part in water games or kayaking to see beautiful scenery here.

Quang Binh Tourism - Welcome Vietnam Tours

And if you don’t like adventure games in Chay River, don’t worry because we have  another choice for you right here!

Nuoc Mooc stream

Nuoc Mooc stream is located about 10km north-west from Phong Nha, this is an ideal destination of Quang Binh tourism that is newly explored. From March to May is the best time to visit Nuoc Mooc stream because the temperature here is very comfortable, only at 16-18oC. Coming to Nuoc Mooc stream, visitors will admire the unique beauty and the diversity of flora and fauna in the lush karst forests on the trail along small streams leading into the forest.

Quang Binh Tourism - Welcome Vietnam Tours

In the scenery of beautiful nature nearby the clear stream with quiet space, you will admire the unique beauty of many birds and colors of species: butterflies, dragonflies and green plants many of which you can not name. The highlight of this picture is the brilliant colors of some flowers that makes you feel so impressed. Immersing yourself in the wonderful cool water or sitting on the roofs, watching peaceful surroundings, breathing the fresh air that are enough to make your Quang Binh travel in Vietnam so wonderful.

Quang Binh Tourism - Welcome Vietnam Tours

If you suddenly change your mind and want to join adventure games a bit, don’t worry because there are also activities such as kayaking, swing ... and a lot of other activities for you to choose.

Don’t hesitate, please come to Central Vietnam and stiryoursummer with Welcome Vietnam Tours by exploring Chay River, Nuoc Mooc stream in this summer!

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