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Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay is located in the east of Cat Ba island, overlooking the Cua Van Fishing Village, adjacent to Ha Long Bay. This is a very quiet bay, arc, with about 400 small islands to create a giant picture depict the fairy-like scene. Unlike the Bay, all 400 small islands in Lan Ha Bay are covered trees or vegetation, even a tiny island like a artificial mountain in miniature.


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The density of limestone here is quite thick and still wild, the sea split into small bays. Many farm, bays, caves unexplored. There are hundreds of mountains with many looks depending on the imagination of visitors like Hon Clogs (like a shoe). Island Bats (like bats) ... The stalactite cave, the dotted breaking characteristics of Ha Long Bay is also present in Lan Ha, such as Ham Rong cave, Do Cung cave, Both cave...


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Unlike Ha Long, Lan Ha Bay with golden sand to 139 small, beautiful and desolate as the "green straits" invites visitors to explore. Many sand stretches between two mountains, quiet no big waves, the beach is really ideal. Under clear blue water is the colorful coral reefs, such as Van Boi beach, Van Ha ... The territorial waters in the island countries such as Sen, props, ... Monkey Island, is where visitors can Snorkerling.


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With a small boat, visitors can bypass the canyon excursions, visiting the caves, relaxing on the beach between the sea as Ang Vem, Tùng Gấu cave , Cát Giữa beach . Cát Giữa beach now raising monkeys for visitors and have a holiday home for guests staying overnight. Especially, visitors can tour the pearl farms are developed here.

A tranquil sea with small fishing village to live as separate from the rest of the world. Looming in many clusters peaceful island village cages are all kinds of regional specialties such as blue mussels, snout otter, fish sausage, crab, abalone, grouper ... Many of the fish cages in the bay is provided fish, shrimp, fresh food needs of visitors daily.

Many tourists to Lan Ha should go through Cat Ba National Forest, home to many precious species of animals including rare species of white headed langur, and the needle trees. Overcoming Ngu Lam peak, at the end of the journey is the Vietnamese fishing village of Hai, an unspoiled fishing village of Cat Ba Island, where visitors can discover many interesting things about a fishing village north of ...


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