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Inmersed in stunning moments in northwest

A dreamy Northwest went into the hearts of many generations. Northwest today is still beautiful and makes people surprised in the real scenery which is so beautiful as in pictures. Northwest has the beauty of simplicity that makes many people passionate. Have you ever tried traveling Northwest and watching beautiful moments of nature?


It’s so cold in the morning of Northwest, the draught makes anyone have to utter softly.

The remote northwest of Vietnam appeals to those wanting to get off the beaten track in one of Vietnam's most beautiful, unaffected and untouristed areas.

Northwest Vietnam has ruggedness and a primitive infrastructure which offers a real thrill for those who want to discover the unknown. Even Sapa, which has been brought to the fore in terms of tourism, is still a very beautiful place with hidden enclaves and a rich tapestry of peoples just outside the town itself.

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Dawn in Northwest


When the sun nearly goes down behind the mountain, all spaces are covered brightly in the sunshine. The sun switches over red as a shy girl. Night is coming very fast, far away in the smog is the beautiful landscape as in a fairyland.

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 Welcome Vietnam Tours

If you follow the less well-trodden paths of Northwest Vietnam, you will find a country that has an enchanting atmosphere; dynamic peoples who feel comfortable in their own skin, place and time, regardless of the pace of the West; genuine hospitality; and mountain landscapes so breathtaking that words won’t be able to do them justice.


The majority of the ethnic minorities live in the hilly regions of the Northwest, with other tribes being scattered in the central highlands and the South. However, the Northwest is the best place to start, as traditional dress in the central and southern parts has been displaced by a more casual approach.

The moment the kids play, smile and laugh loudly seems to be going into the picture which makes everyone absolutely love.

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Every moment of daily life also can make you feel comfortable and peaceful.

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While this is only a legend, there is still something quite mystical about the tribes themselves, with their own specific rituals, practices and cultures existing in harmony with Viet society and one another.


Have a panoramic views to the brightly yellow terraced fields, many people will wonder if they lost in a paradise on earth.

September, October is the time of the Northwest autumn when the terraced fields and valleys at the foot of the pass are covered with a yellow shiny mantle which appeals to many tourists who come to this historic land.

Terraces are one of the cultivation on steep terrain forms of many different ethnicities around the world. This is the first kind of activity human impact on nature to product food, and creates natural landscapes at the same time.

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The beauty of Northwest Vietnam and its unspoiled nature could be thought of as a paradox, since its continuing existence depends on how people handle the future of tourism in the country.

A pure Northwest is always beautiful in the moments of everyday life. For you, which one is the best moment?


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