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Ganh Dau beach - Phu Quoc

Despite a lot of time travelling sea, tourists still feel it’s not that enough. Their love for the sea and its little simple things will never fall even a little bit. Therefore tourists always choose visit the ocean whenever theyget the chance. So was this time, we continued coming toward the sea, walking continually on white sand beaches in Ganh Dau BeachPhu Quoc.

Phu Quoc - Welcome Vietnam Tours

Sea - Our beloved

For many people, if having been to Phu Quoc, it is certain to visit Sao Beach, Dai Beach, diving, squid night fishing... But for me it has to visit Ganh Dau to enjoy fresh seafood, watching the sun, the boats moored on the dock, going bike with local children on the small concrete path along the coastal...

Phu Quoc - Welcome Vietnam Tours

Sunset at Ganh Dau Beach

Ganh Dau – A wild beauty

We are probably not those only ones who have a common hobby with many other domestic and foreign tourists that consider Ganh Dau as an ideal destination in Phu Quoc. A lot of tourists love this place as soon as they visit once and just want to come back again and again.

Phu Quoc - Welcome Vietnam Tours

It’s difficult to not love this peaceful place

Ganh Dau, a spit over the sea in the northeast Phu Quoc Island, situated in Ganh Dau commune, Phu Quoc province, looks totally different from the busy crowded in Duong Dong town. It is quite quiet and wild that makes visitors get the most idyllic feeling when going to this look-like-the-mouth-of-a-giant-fish cape.

Phu Quoc - Welcome Vietnam Tours

Ganh DauBeach

You will have a chance to walk on quiet red-dirt roads, passing across green trees at Phu Quoc, visit Nguyen Trung Truc Temple before coming to Ganh Dau. The path may be a bit bad, a bit far, but it’s so worthy to enjoy the beauty of this land!

Sea at Ganh Dau curves like the crescent moon in addition to the fresh air and smooth sandy beaches stretching the shore. In Ganh Dau, the harmony between sea and mountains creates beautiful unspoiled landscape. Walking wandering among the mountains and the sea would definitely give you the exceptional feeling!

Phu Quoc - Welcome Vietnam Tours

Sea at Ganh Dau curves like the crescent moon

On the surface of the sea in Ganh Dau, the fishermen’s boats at dock after the long voyage create a warm and peaceful setting. Standing middle in beautiful nature like that, feeling tired or depressed will no longer have a place in your mind. Now everything in you is a joy and delight.

Phu Quoc - Welcome Vietnam Tours

Boats parking at dock after the long voyage

Nothing is more interesting than sinking yourself into water, setting foot on stones, or sitting on a big rock and enjoy the beauty of sunset or sunrise, isn’t it?

Phu Quoc - Welcome Vietnam Tours

Dawn at Ganh Dau (Photo: Quang Pham)

Taking pleasure from flavors of sea in Ganh Dau

Besides wandering, swimming, you can also get a bike and go on narrow roads, or playing with the kids here. You can even rent a boat to visit reefs, fish cages of fishermen, or take scuba diving and explore the uninhabited island in the world marine waters bordering Cambodia.

Phu Quoc - Welcome Vietnam Tours

Do you want to try sailing with children here?

It’s the time for you to experience typical delicious seafood at Ganh Dau after travelling freely. They are so cheap and fresh!

 Phu Quoc - Welcome Vietnam Tours

The gentle, idyllic and peaceful beauty with friendly smiles of the locals here indeed makes you feel sorry and miss this place when you leave.

A trip to Ganh Dau nose, Phu Quoc will leave you fresh and seductive feeling. If you have chance of traveling to Phu Quoc, please keep in mind to take a wonderful day at this peaceful place!


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