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Explore Lac Village in Mai Chau

If you are planning to travel to Mai Chau, remember to visit Lacvillage to enjoy peaceful moments, explore upland life and cultural identity of the Thai here.

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The way to Lac village in Mai Chau

Mai Chau, about 140 km from Hanoi, is suitable for groups of friends to go for a picnic or to explore unique culture of the Black Thai ethnic in mountainous area. It takes about 3 hours driving car to get to Mai Chau. Here you can enjoy fresh air and immerse yourself in the peace of Hoa Binh mountainous province.

The winding  mountainous roads connecting Mai Chau town and Lac village is a challenge for the driver and visitors as well. But you will see that it is totally deserved. The higher you get, the more poetic and majestic the scene is. Standing on the steep slopes looking down, you will feel like you are in the paradise with the billowing white clouds. Continue to Thung Nhuoi, from the pass you can admire the beauty of Mai Chau with beautiful houses in the large space, from which thin white smoke pour out, making an ambiguous scene. And Lac village will gradually appears with the fresh green of the young rice fields in a vast valley.

The stilt houses of the Black Thai

In Lac village, the Black Thai mainly live on rice cultivation and brocade weaving for generation. Here you have the opportunity to learn the culture and customs of the ethnic groups. Lac villageincludes more than 20 homestays that are so spacious, airy to serve tourists. The houses are high, clean and  retain the features of ancient architecture. Each room is fully equipped with blankets, mats, mattresses and are folded neatly. The upper floor of the house is for tourists to rest, the lower floor is  for shopping with many items: brocade, scarves, ethnic clothing, rounds, flute ...

In case you want to transform into Thai boys or girls, you only need to pay about 50,000 - 70,000 vnd for an item of clothing, in which you can go around the village and breathe the warm air to feel the peaceful life of the upland people.

Xoe dances and early morning markets

Visit Lac villagein  Mai Chau, you can enjoy attractive food such as hill chicken, steamed fish, bitter bamboo shoots,.... with local people. In the hamlet, there are large open spaces for organizing cultural and collective activitiessuch as camping, karaoke singing, dancing…. You will be immersed yourself  in the traditional cultural space, in xoe dance of the Thaias well as scenic nature in the northwest of Vietnam.

It’s a good idea to participate in love market here. In the cool and fresh air in the early morning, you can take a bike ride to the market. The sellers are so friendly, the products are so cheap, so feel comfortable and free to ask about any goods! Of course, you also can see many couples or a lot of girls and boys coming here to find lover.. That’s so interesting!