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Discover Da Lat tourism

Da Lat city is the capital of Lam Dong province, located on the Lam Vien Plateau, Central Highlands, Vietnam. With altitude of 1,500 meters above sea level and is the same pants mountains surrounding forest flora , Da Lat inherited a mountain temperate climate and balmy year-round.
To Dalat, you will not only be agreed "Pass climb, wade streams" which also visited the Bao Dai's villas and the ancient temples and churches of the nation.
Such as a small Paris, Da Lat is dreamy and poetic plateau through the cold night, the morning fog and the forest strip surrounding cities. Da Lat is one of the attractions of Vietnam tours for you. Let us explore some of the tourist attractions in Dalat - Vietnam.

Truc Lam

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Truc Lam Monastery is the largest monastery in Vietnam, inaugurated in 1994, is one of the largest Buddhist building after 1975. Temple is located beside Tuyen Lam lake on an area of 25 ha. Truc Lam is now connected to the city center of Da Lat (Robin Hill) by cable car system, transporting visitors to the monastery and return. In 2005, Tuyen Lam was built as a large resort, attracted about 30 investors by Lam Dong provincial government.

Ho Xuan Huong

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Xuan Huong Lake in the heart of Dalat city. The lake is in fact an artificial lake built in 1919 by the initiative of Cunhac. To create a lake, they dam up the stream flowing through the valley, lake has an area of 25 hectares of water surface, 5.1 km long perimeter. Around the lake are many unique architectural artistic value, aesthetic built as the Palace Hotel, Lam Vien sports school, motels Union, Restaurant Thanh Thuy, Thuy Ta ... Formerly, it’s called the Grand Lac (big lake). Early morning fog on a very beautiful and romantic.

Parks colorful flowers in Dalat

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Da Lat Flower Park is situated in the north shores of Xuan Huong Lake, the valley of the Cu hill. Previously Dalat flower park named Bich Cau, now the flower park area was extended to 7000 m², with spacious layout, to impress people came to visit. The flowers and plants famous in Dalat are cared for planting, fresh scenery, abundant seasons. Every year, usually held the flower festival and a message to call, attracting domestic and foreign investment development of Da Lat and the vicinity became the center of production and export of flowers in the country and Southeast Asia.

Mount Lang Biang Plateau

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Located at an altitude of 2,169 m above sea level, Langbiang hidden in its the legend of a passionate love, beyond the feudal rites. Langbiang also referred to as the "roof" of the Lam Vien Plateau, Da Lat's roof, is an ideal place for tourists to enjoy the floating emotion, which is where travelers longing to conquer, explore unexpected adventures and interesting arrangements. 

Ho Than Tho (Lake of Sighs)

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As a natural lake in the city of Da Lat (Lam Dong province) and is also a tourist attraction of the city. Journal Indochine (Indochina) of 28 to March 13, 1941 selected Than Tho lake photo as the cover image. Previously Than Tho lake has a pond called Tono Pang East. In 1917, the French built dam reservoirs provide drinking water for the city of Da Lat.
The French named the lake Lac des Soupirs with the second sense (murmur), but when translated into Vietnamese to translate the first meaning: Than Tho lake.

Cam Ly Waterfall

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Near the center of Dalat city, only 2.3 km from the Peace the east - south. It’s not beautiful waterfall and generally less water in the dry season but location near the city center so tourists usually visit it.

Love Valley

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As one of the most romantic sights in Dalat, the city center is located approximately 6 km to the east. That's where Da Thien Dam (built in 1972) brings together the small stream flowing from hills forming a lake (lake Da Thien) clear winding valley with pine-lined. Initially, the French call this place the Vallée d'Amour (Love Valley) after it was renamed the Valley of Peace, and in 1953 returned to the Valley of Love.

Valley of Love beautiful and fascinated by deep valleys and pine hill. In 1972, a dam was built astride the valley formed lake Da Thien, adding charm to the landscape, and appeared two other names beside the Valley of Love as 3rd Dam 3 and 3rd Da Thien Lake.
Visitors can go along the trail or climbing hundreds of steps, go through the gate with colorful flowers to the Vong Canh hill. From here, Love Valley appear in sight beautifully as vivid picture.

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