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Cat Ba - Pearl island in the North of Vietnam

Cat Ba Island is an attractive tourist destination for domestic and foreign touristsin Vietnam. Here, you will be fascinated with diverse ecosystems in National Park, the beauty of the sea, limestone mountains with many interesting caves and white sand beaches.

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Than Cong Fortress (Peak no.177)

The first place we recommended you to visit is Than Cong Fortress where you can have the best sceneries of Cat Ba from above. This is also a strategically important position at the gateway to the Dong Sea (South China Sea), as well as a historical witness of two fierce anti-French and anti-American wars.

cat ba

It is in the top of a high hill, which can give you a view of the whole town such as Lan Ha Bay, Cat Ba National Park, Beo pier, Monkey Island ... There is a telescope here that will help you to see very clearly all landscapes of Cat Ba. You can take some photos as well as choose the next place for your journey.

Cat Ba National Park

Cat Ba National Park has been recognized by UNESCO as a world biosphere reserve. There are many different ecosystems here: limestone evergreen forest, frog pond (mangrove forest in mountain), coastal mangrove forest, coastal coral reef systems, the cave system with particular feature is the residence of the bat and the cultivation system located among valleys. This area has a very high biodiversity, especially this is the habitat of the endangered Cat Ba Langur that is the rarest primate species in Asia,  only exist in the Cat Ba island not anywhere else in the world, and now there are only about 60 left here.

Lan Ha Bay

After returning from the world biosphere reserve, it's time to come to sea. Another very attractive corner in Cat Ba is Lan Ha Bay. This is a very quiet arc-shaped bay with about 400 large and small islands.

lan ha bay

The landscape in Lan Ha Bay is quite like it in Halong Bay with the rocky mountains on the sea, but Lan Ha Bay has pristine white sand beaches stretching at the foot of the mountain that Ha Long Bay doesn’t have. By small boats, tourists can go through the canyon to visit the caves or take a rest on the beach in the bay. Another interesting thing to do is visiting the small fishing villages which cultivate the specialties of the region such as blue mussel,  abalone, crab, geoduck, grouper...

Monkey Island

Cat Ba Monkey is a small island located 2 km from Cat Ba town, takes 10 minutes from Beo pier. It is named Monkey because there are monkeys here but not so many. These monkeys are used to visitors so they are not afraid of humans and will probably take food from visitors in unexpected way, so be careful.On the other hand, they are really lovely and win visitors' heart, especilly children.

dao khi

Monkey Island has two beaches in the form of arc are Cat Dua 1 and Cat Dua 2. Service of swimsuit hiring, bouy hiring, kayaking... is available, you can swim or join these activities, you also can hike to the top of the mountain where you can take so beautiful pictures of Lan Ha bay and see monkeys searching food in everywhere.

Some exciting activities

Travel to Cat Ba, besides basic activities such as swimming, sightseeing, you also have more choices for yourselves: You can take a boat trip from Beo pier, then travel every corner of Cat Ba Island, visit beautiful beaches here. You can admire the beautiful limestone karsts from the distance but if it isn't enough for you, then try climbing them.

In case you want to buy seafood for relatives, drop by Cat Ba Market at the northwestern edge of town. Here you can find many kinds of seafood, all are fresh and caught in day.

You totally can make your own trips more interesting and adventurous with by kayaking to off the beaten track places in Lan Ha Bay or take some trips in Cat Ba forest. You can trek through Cat Ba National Park or take a bike to Viet Hai village, a small village in this Park.