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Bau Sen - Lotus Lake in the Desert of Phan Thiet

Bau Sen will surprise you with the immense sandhills stretching and the cool blue lakes full of lotus. This landscape is extremely unique that you should drop by if you come to Phan Thiet.

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Where is Bau Sen?

Bau Sen is located 40km south of Phan Thiet City. From Phan Thiet city, you can go in the direction to Mui Ne, continue to go straight to Hon Rom, take another 20km to get to Bau Sen. This road runs parallel to the blue sea and is so  poetic and romantic.

Two lakes of Bau Sen

Bau Sen (means Lotus Lake) is also known as Bau Trang, Bach Lake (White Lake), providing fresh water for the surrounding area.The lake is 3km wide, with an average depth of 5m with a total area of 70ha, surrounded by smooth white sand hills. It including 2 lakes: Bau Ong and Bau Ba that are located next to each other but Bau Ba is bigger with much more water.

bau sen


From the top of the sand hill, you can admire the panorama of vast lakes withcharming deep blue water. This is a natural freshwater lake created by geological structure of the semi-desert.

In summer, the lotus blooms covering the lake, that looks very beautiful. But if you do not go here right on the peak season of the lotus, don't worry because the lotus blooms all year round. In the lakebed, there are many kinds of freshwater fish, especially grass carp.

Bau Sen sandhill

Compared to the Sahara Desert, Bau Sen sand hill is a unique tourist destination in Mui Ne - Phan Thiet. Bau Sen sand hill attracts a lot of visitors thanks to the immense sand hills with the magnificent landscapes that is hard to ignore. You will be amazed at the scene as a great painting. In the dazzling sunshine, the sand hill appears with an not mixed-up scenery. The sand dunes are high and wide, stretching to the horizone. The sand was yellow before, but gradually turning to pale yellow then white.

A perfect combination

The cool fresh water and deep blue of the lake seem to alleviate the heat of the sand hill. Not only that, the sound of the wind through the casuarinas on sand hills and the sound of water in the lake create magic sound for this place. Sand dunes and Bau Sen lakes have been here together for thousands years. Sand dunes bring endless sand with untouched view while Bau Sen lakes bring cool fresh water with poetic view.  Both combine into an extremely stupendous and unique landscape.

What to do in Bau Sen?

You can come here for a romantic honeymoon and wedding photography or simply explore this uniqueplace.

You can rent a boat of fishermen to move in the lake, pick fragrant lotus and fish. If you like swimming, the water here is clear, cool and clean enough for you to do that. There is a jungle forest nearby, you could relax  under the cool green canopy. Another choice is walking on the sand, take a view of the lake, then take pictures, camp in the vast space of Bau Sen. For more interesting trip and to discover the magic of this "deserted desert", those who love adventure can rent a terrain vehicle to move. Besides, you can rent sand skateboards to surf on the sand, conquer the top of the sand hill one by one.