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Vietnam has a firm position in a bucket list of many travelers worldwide. Say that most of your friends or relatives advise you to visit this Southeast Asian country at least once, but you still cannot buy their words. Then, the following bits are well-written with an attempt to win your interest. As the destination warmly welcomes you, just say “Hello Vietnam.

Opening the doors to foreigners, information about Vietnam is widely searched. If you are fond of what is behind this Indochina country, which got through 1,000 years of feudalism plus a century of two terrible Indochina Wars, just know the following quick facts first! Then, read more on Vietnam Tourism Introduction Guide to understand why a big part of the world are praising this magnetic country; while some are willing to leave their homeland for Vietnam, the others repeatedly visit it dozens of times. The destination has a promising tourism in Halong Bay, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Quang Binh, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Da Lat, and more. So why should you see Vietnam? In a nutshell, here are keys which make this country the very first choice for a vacation.

Area: 332,698 km2
Population: 90,630,000 (2014)
GDP: 509.466 billion (2014)
Official language: Vietnamese
Ethnic groups: 85.7% Kinh (Viet); 1.9% Tay; 1.7% Thai; 1.5% Muong; 1.4% Khmer; 1.1% Hoa; 1.1% Nung; 1% Hmong; 4.1% Others

#1: Numerous Marvelous Destinations
Though suffering from the harsh wars, Vietnam overcomes the hard past to become the attractive tourist destination with various gorgeous highlights. From the historical museums to the ecotourism sites and various landmarks, the country is proud to welcome even the most fastidious vacationers. The list of the best destinations in Vietnam includes the top names which are best for ecotourism, festival, beach, adventure, homestay, cruise, etc. Just get to know Halong Bay, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Hanoi Capital, Sapa Town, Da Lat City, Nha Trang Beach City, Da Nang City, Hue, Hoi An, Quang Binh  Province, Mekong Delta, and so forth. Each of the destinations is praiseworthy with many magnificent sites to explore and unique activities to experience. You even find no boring moment in Vietnam.

For instance, if the destination is Halong Bay, make sure you enjoy the Luxury Cruise Tours which take you to the far-off islets like Ti Top Island, the mysterious caves like Sung Sot Cave, and the dreamlike floating villages like Cua Van Fishing Village, etc. Also, if possible, get your chance to enjoy the 15-minute scenic helicopter flight over thousands of the legendary islands in the emerald backdrop of this UNESCO world heritage. The beauty of “the Bay of the Descending Dragon” goes beyond the national boundary to win the Hollywood filmmakers’ admirations. Recently, the Kong: Skull Island, a 2017 American monster film directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts took some scenes in Halong Bay, which helps promote its unrivaled charm worldwide. Of course, Vietnam has more to offer. And if you see Da Nang City, make sure you don’t ignore Ba Na Fantasy Park, My Khe Beach, Son Tra Peninsula, Marble Mountain, and Han River. Obviously, ones even spend a lifetime to discover all of the bewitching destinations in Vietnam.

#2: Friendly and Interesting People
The foreign guests first appreciate the warm Vietnamese smiles and nice-looking faces. With 54 ethnic groups living in harmony, the country promotes the peaceful settings for tourism in almost every corner. People can take it easy to travel solo (as a novice) or with authentic travel agents. The rich terraces of mountains, beaches, highlands, rice fields, canals, etc., are homes to the chummy locals who often use smiles to welcome guests of all nationalities. Vietnam is dwelled by some hill tribes and ethnic groups who own the traditional houses for unique homestay, celebrate various exceptionally cultural festivals, sell the special handmade souvenirs of the land, and introduce the very delicious food. Those are just some of the most beautiful traits of the locals. As the Vietnamese are friendly, they are ideal photogenic objects for the foreigners who might prefer taking their pictures. From the sincere miles to the symbolic and attractive “ao dai,” it is the wonderful destination for Vietnam Photography Tour, with uncountable flattering objects.

The friendliness of the locals is sometimes shown via some small actions when they readily help you to cross a street, give you a direction to somewhere, smile and say “hello” to you even though they are not good at English or your mother tongue. The important thing is that they are generous and open-minded. They can treat you like the old friends who are “a long time no see.”

#3: Plenty of Vietnam Tour Packages
Via a simple online research, you come up with many ideal Tour Packages to Vietnam operated by Welcome Vietnam Tours Company. Thanks to this, it’s feasible to visit the country anytime and anywhere. Just prepare yourself for the trip, and the agents will handle most basic things for you during your stay in the S-shape country. Just listen to your heart to visit any destination in Vietnam, contact Welcome Vietnam Tours Team, and they will give you much helpful advice. As you never run out of package choices in the country, whenever you feel like traveling to Vietnam, just contact the local agents 24/7 to get the timely and to-the-point responses. For example, Vietnam travel packages of 10-14 days are willingly selected by many foreign vacationers who think the vacation of around 2 weeks let them somehow get a true feeling for Classical Vietnam. Remember the list of the best Vietnam destinations; you might need to check it out to sort out those of the most appealing tours.

#4: Very Tasty Food
With a wide variety of specialties, Vietnam Culinary Tour Packages are great. While the Northern region owns “Hanoi Pho,” vermicelli with shrimp paste and tofu, and crab noodle, the Central Highlands has Quang Noodle, Hoi An chicken rice, and Hue mussel rice. Moving south, take your opportunities to savor the Southern-style pancake, sweet-and-sour fish soup, braised fish in the clay pot, grilled mice, etc. You can even customize the hands-on cooking sessions to get the how-to.

#5: Increasingly Good Reputation in the Tourism world
From tourist attractions to food and culture, Vietnam has been gaining admirable fame from the tourist communities. When Son Doong Caves in Quang Binh Province (the largest natural cave ever discovered by humankind) amaze the whole world when being recognized by ABC Chanel of America, the Son Doong Cave Discovery Tours and Photography Tours become the hot keywords searched by many thrill-seekers. Together with Son Doong, recently Vietnam is reputable for Halong Bay, Ninh Binh and Quang Binh Provinces thanks to the Hollywood monster film Kong: Skull Island (2017), which makes the country so enchanting that everybody must say “wow” and want to see the real scenes. And even before that, the country was the settings of some international films like “Pan (2015)”, “The Quiet American (2002)”, and “Indochine (1992)”, and “L’amant” (1991).

Just entrust Vietnam with your next vacation to gather much fun from every moment you land in this charming and lovely country. Many trendy tour packages to the leading destinations await you, and you can visit the S-shape nation anytime. Save this idea: it is time to take actions! See for yourself why international travelers love Vietnam.

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