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7 lesser-known destinations for a one-day trip to Da Lat - Vietnam Holiday Destinations

For people looking for peace and quiet as well as stunning vistas, Da Lat features a number of easy-to-reach destinations that soothe the soul.

Ma Rung Lu Quan homestay

Located 25 kilometers away from the city center, the homestay offers visitors a getaway from the hustle and bustle of urban life. It features a lake and a variety of wooden houses.

Surrounding the accommodations are beds of various flowers blooming in colorful shades. Visitors can fully immerse themselves in the natural beauty and enjoy the fresh air by the lake, a rarity in their urban life. The place is also ideal for groups and families to have a calming, relaxing experience together.

Cu Lan village

The village sits by a clear stream, with the water’s flow sounding like a murmured greeting to distant friends who stop to visit. You can enjoy outdoor activities in the village, namely fishing, climbing or sailing.

Lying near the foot of a valley, this village has been a favorite for tourists to Da Lat for a while. Hidden deep in the mountains of Da Lat but just 20 kilometers away from the city center, the village still retains its original beauty and natural charm. Some houses in the village also feature the traditional decorations of the ethnic minorities of the Central Highlands.

Strawberry and squash gardens

Tourists can visit the strawberry garden or the famous giant squash garden in Da Lat. Here, visitors will witness the farming firsthand and learn new methods and techniques. You can also pick and buy strawberries to bring them back as a gift. Some famous strawberry gardens are located at 50 Ho Xuan Huong Street, 46 Da Phu Street and 159a Thanh Mau Street.

The squash garden is located at 50 Ho Xuan Huong Street in Da Lat, where giant pumpkins are planted. People are often fascinated by the pumpkins, which can weigh up to 100 kilograms.

Hoa Dien Son Trang
Hoa Dien Son Trang is a wide tourism area located 7 kilometers away from Da Lat’s center, consisting of different natural features. The majestic mountains and forests, blended with romantic artificial landscapes, make this place a unique highlight.

The heart floating in the sky is a favorite spot for young romantic souls, where they can sit on a red heart shape high up in the trees and enjoy the view.

Buddha's hand is another famous feature: wood was used to craft the shape of the open hand of Buddha, allowing visitors to walk on it.

With all its other attractions, from the swing up a hill to the flower gate, the place is just waiting for visitors who need relaxing moments in their busy lives.

Da Lat romantic land

Da Lat View cafe

Da Lat View cafe, opened recently, offers a scenic view like from a fairy tale. Instead of going to Quy Linh Phap An temple's sky gate, tourists now have an easier option to see the sky gate.

The place also features a long red bridge and twisted stairs for people to walk on and sightsee. For photo lovers, these are photogenic places to take beautiful selfies.

Me Linh cafe

With a unique open space and its 360-degree view of Da Lat from above, Me Linh cafe leaves a deep impression on visitors.

Enjoying the delicious and aromatic Da Lat coffee while hearing the wind blowing high up in the sky and seeing the green fields below your seat make this an experience you will never forget. 

Buckwheat fields
You can see extensive fields of buckwheat flowers in dreamy Da Lat. The flower fields extend over a wide area, with the tiny white flowers blended into the green leaves and the heavenly light of the sky, giving visitors a feeling of serenity and peace.

The best time for you to visit these fields is from October to November every year; this is also the best season for the grass to grow.