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Explore 36 streets of Hanoi on a cyclo - Hanoi Travel

It’s almost certain that any visitor to the Old Quarter of Hanoi wants to experience the fun feeling while riding a cyclo around the 36 streets. The cyclos will calmly take you through the lanes, the moss stained corner, closer to the street life and culture Hanoi.

The cyclo has become attached to Hanoi since the early twentieth century, as a means of daily travel such as going to the market or going to dining places.

Through time, although there are many other alternative vehicles but cyclo is always contributing to the traditional culture of the Old Quarter.

It would be interesting to sit on the cyclo watching Hanoi in the morning, breathing fresh air and smelling the fragrance of flowers flowing through the streets...

Visitors to Hanoi can take cyclos from 16 to 20 hours daily. If it is a morning ride, you can visit Quang Ba market, through the West Lake, enjoy the fresh air of dawn.

Along the way, the bicycles carrying lilies, roses, daisies, sunflower... full of colors passing by make the trip more poetic. 

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If it is an evening trip, visitors can take a ride to the Ba Dinh Square to see and participate in the ceremony of lowering the national flag, or wander around an ancient city or see the splendor of Hoan Kiem Lake at night.

For those who love the bustling atmosphere can stroll around the city during peak hours, watching the bustle and hustle of the people.

Traveling around the old city by cyclo is foreign tourists’ favorite activity because they feel comfort to admire, film, take pictures of relics and ancient features of Hanoi as well as the busy life of the old town.


Cyclo is an exciting experience, chatting with the driver while riding the tricycle.

On the old streets, you will hear stories about Hanoi in the past, the streets and the numbers associated with the time.

The driver can also show you the souvenir shops and the places of delicious foods of Hanoi. They are considered professional guides in this Old Quarter.

At present, cyclo companies operate 3 tours in over 50 streets. You can easily find a group of cyclos which gathered around the Hanoi Opera House or anywhere in the Old Quarter.

Believe that, discovering 36 streets by cyclo will be an unforgettable memory in your trip in Hanoi.