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Discover breakfast around the World

Breakfast is the first meal of the day consisting of fast food with light desserts and beverages such as tea, milk, coffee or soft drinks.. Let’s enjoy the traditional breakfasts of some countries all over the World through these nice pictures.

A full English breakfast – must have beans, bacon, eggs, mushrooms, sausages, hash browns and toast. The English people often have breakfast with fruit juice or tea.

Breakfast in Poland is quite nutritious

The Cuban enjoy their simple breakfast: milk coffee and toasted bread cut into lengths to drunk in the coffee.

A fresh Hawaiian breakfast – healthy and full of fruits. (Hawai)

Breakfast in Iran – with some sort of bread with butter and jam.

A Brazilian wake up meal – a delicious selection of meats, cheese and bread is the normal breakfast in here.

Breakfast in India – also called “jalpan”. The Indian have breakfast in the early morning and they hardly eat meats.

Thailand’s breakfast – a minty spicy fish with a sweet & spicy pork, served with rice.

Breakfast in Hanoi, Vietnam - Beef noodle is one of the most popular choice for Hanoian’s breakfast.