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Vietnam Travel: Weakness marketing

Six months of the year, Vietnam welcomed 3.3 million international passengers, up nearly 14% over the same period in 2011. However, this figure is still modest compared to other countries in the region. Tourism marketing is considered one of the weaknesses of tourism in Vietnam.

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Visitors to Sapa. Photo Source: Internet

With experience in many European countries, Asia and Africa, this time Robert Travers, a reputed expert on tourism marketing in Hanoi for 3 weeks to help Vietnam's tourism industry update on Marketing Strategy . According to him, Vietnam's tourism logo and slogan changes from "Vietnam - the Hidden Charm" to "Vietnam - Timeless Charm" is renewal needed, but only a small part of efforts to brand. Need to create different, unique for Vietnam tourism.
Mr. Robert Travers, Marketing Specialist tourism development project of tourist capacity is responsible for the environment and EU-funded social stresses: "The focus that we care is the key market of travelers history of Vietnam. We must have strategies to attract this market to retain them how to stay in Vietnam longer, have higher levels of spending. In addition, we will try to help you to train human resources. "
Robert's experience, the national tourism development are the place special attention to the marketing stage. For example, South Korea, the national tourism agency has opened 27 representative offices abroad. To boost tourism industry, the Korean government tried to host major events like the G20 or other sporting events, international exhibitions. Or as Malaysia, also very professional and successful in the tourism promotion activities, especially with the brand "Malaysia - truly Asia". Funding for tourism promotion 150-200 million / year. At the peak period or after the SARS period, the budget at about $ 350 million.
Mr. Robert Travers said: "A number of countries close to Vietnam, including Thailand, Malaysia, they have very strong strategic and competitive tourism marketing budget is very large. With Vietnam, when the budget is limited, we must use reasonable efficiency and attract new visitors. In my opinion, the weakest point of your current marketing problems. I think Vietnam should set up more representative offices of foreign tourism and attention of human resources development. "
Within 10 years (from 2000 to 2010), the national action program on tourism are granted nearly 250 billion dong. Also in 2010, funding for programs to promote cultural tourism countries is 40 billion, in 2011 was 35 billion. Compared to many countries mentioned above, these funds were modest.
Also in 2011, Vietnam National Administration of Tourism has participated in tourism promotion in six international trade fairs. The General Department is also developing projects to promote attractions from eight key markets in 2015 as Korea, Malaysia, Russia, Japan, France ... The problem is how thousands of pages in the project not only on paper.
According to Le Anh Tuan, Head of Market Department, Vietnam National Administration of Tourism said: "In fact, Tourism has planned and implemented marketing, but for various reasons, not performance as expected. We hope with the help of EU experts, will review and reconstruction of the 2020 marketing plan is effective and more specific on the basis of funds and resources available. "
Gone are the travelers themselves to feel the "hidden beauty" of Vietnam Tourism. That it was time, Vietnam's tourism - on foot "endless" your "go a day hand, ready to learn a wisdom" to her beauty shines and commensurate benefit.  Gone are the travelers themselves to feel the "hidden beauty" of Vietnam Tourism. That it was time, Vietnam's tourism to shine and bring commensurate benefits.