Travel Destination

Morning dew and sunshine on Dong Chau Beach

No longer be the beach primitive or extremely fancy, the beauty of Dong Chau beach is just gentle and simple. It’s the harmony of sky, land, ocean and human

Returning to Quang Tri and visiting the old battlefield

Every year, Quang Tri welcomes a number of tourists, especially foreigners, coming. If you’ve come to Quang Tri, we suppose it would be the worth trip that you’ve ever had. Let’s go back to Quang Tri to witness those historic vestiges left and listen to stories about life in the war period.

Lac village - The irresistible call of Mai Chau

It is said that Lac village (Mai Chau) is an attractive tourist destination in Vietnam for not only local people but also foreign visitors thanks to its natural and rural beauty. It is not similar to a busy, crowded or pompous place.

The most worthy destination in the south for every photographer - Ben Tre

Ben Tre - a province of Vietnam, is one of the country's southern provinces, being situated in the Mekong Delta.

Enjoy sun rise on Vietnamese best beaches

Watching sun rise on the beach is a joy of many natural beauty lovers. Traveling to Vietnam and enjoying such a beautiful scene is awesome.

Forthcoming Vietnam New Year Eve 2015

New Year is a festival that everyone waits for. People make plans from months before to celebrate the evening with grand arrangements. Every corner of the world gets dressed with vibrant lights

Reaching to Lan Chau - The most beatiful island in Cua Lo

Cua Lo – Nghe An has been a familiar name to nature lovers, especially those who immerse in white sand and clear blue water beaches

Son Dong village, the sounds of wood carving

Sitting less than 20 kilometers from Hanoi downtown, Son Dong wood carving village is famous for its meticulous, spiritual products made of wood by devoted and talented craftsmen like statues of Buddha and worship objects used at pagodas and temples

Thung Nai - The romantic love song of nature

In Hoa Binh, there is a landscape that deeply enters many tourists’ mind and soul. If you are the one who love natural beauty and immerse in exploring new landscapes, you should travel to Vietnam and get into Thung Nai, Hoa Binh

Experience a sweet littele mystery in Dong Van karst plauteau

Dong Van, a land of harsh life but bears the magic natural beauty of Vietnam has long been a famous spot for photo hunters because of miraculous beauty as sunset falls on stone rocks of cat-ears.

Listening to melodious rhythm on traditional Lim festival

In early January according to the lunar calendar, people flock to the Lim Festival in Tien Du District, Bac Ninh Province to enjoy the sweet melodies of Quan ho (love duet songs). Let’s come to Vietnam on these days and immerse in such melodious rhythms.

What food you should try in Ha Long

Ha Long Bay, Quang Ninh, Vietnam is no longer a strange name to the travelling lovers. We all know about Halong accompanied with the natural beauty and delicious food. There are 3 best foods that you should try once in a life time in Halong

Vietnam packing tips

It’s unlikely that any two people traveling to Vietnam would want to use exactly the same packing list.

6 best places to visit in Vietnam those days

Traveling to a new country always is an interesting and unique experience. And of course, you should not forget to start your trip with those countries.

Living homestay Vietnam

If you and your friends travel to Vietnam, you can try living in a local people’s houses and do some daily activities with them that are called “homestay”.